The Next Generation Hospital Bed

Jørn Refsnæs

Head of Design & Founder

Arve Voldsund

CTO & Founder

2 min read

Hospital beds are where patients spend most of their time during the treatment and recovery stages of their hospital stays. Ably Medical is a Norwegian R&D company that has co-designed a new hospital bed with leading healthcare professionals across the globe to deliver revolutionary care.

Findings from our research indicate that many of the newest hospital beds end up sitting in the hospital storage units. The reason? The user interface is often very complicated, making them time consuming to use. And as any healthcare professional will tell you, time is a critical resource. A hospital bed should be a tool that provides clinicians with the time to use their expertise, not something that gets in the way.

The design of hospital beds has remained more or less the same over the last 50 years.

Essentially all of the beds in today’s market share the same core design principles- three platforms that can be adjusted at two points to move the upper and lower parts of the body upwards or downwards. It’s a solution that doesn’t allow for much customization, flexibility or convenience, today’s hospital beds can actually contribute to clinicians getting injured. Add complicated technology to the picture and it’s easy to understand why many patients and clinicians are frustrated by today’s hospital beds.

With a thorough understanding of the problems with today’s hospital beds, Ably started the challenging process of reinventing the hospital bed.

Co-design has been the most important step in this process. We listened to the concerns of clinicians and then tested various solutions- it’s always been an iterative process. Through our partnerships with hospitals in Norway, Canada and Germany we were able to produce what really is an effective tool for clinicians.

The core of the Ably bed is the patent-pending, spring technology that forms the base of the hospital bed. Each spring goes through rigorous testing to make sure that it is lightweight, durable, and flexible. It is these properties that allow the springs to be customizable for every patient, no matter the situation. Best of all, due to its user-centered design, the bed is easy to adjust, with separate modes for clinicians and patients.

The Ably bed is custom-fitted with state- of-the-art sensor technology, which allows for easy, accurate, and non-invasive activity monitoring. In addition, the bed continuously measures the temperature and weight of the patient, providing easily accessible and reliable metrics for clinicians.

Alongside healthcare professionals, Ably has successfully engineered the next generation hospital bed that makes it easier for clinicians to provide patients with the care they need.

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