Ably team

Bringing the next generation hospital bed into the world is one combined multidisciplinary team effort. Our team of experienced, skilful and likable professionals are triggered by the opportunity to make a real impact on the healthcare sector.

Kjell Are Furnes
CEO Ably Medical AS & Founder

+47 404 55 150
Ane Solesvik Oppedal
CEO Ably Medical Inc

+ 47 920 59 275
Jørn Refsnæs
Head of Design & Founder

+47 938 35 426
Arve Voldsund
CTO & Founder

+47 909 60 758
Cato Alexander Bjørkli, PhD
CSO & Founder

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Agnes Karina Straum
Operational Manager

+47 465 14 660
Ståle Skogstad, PhD
Principal Research Scientist

+47 936 90 419
Leila Yousif
CQO, Chief Quality Officer

+47 476 48 771
Tove Olaussen Freeman
Intellectual Property and Risk Analyst

Maria Hviding
European Project Manager

Jens Peter Heli
Research Engineer

Henning Thorkildsen
Research Engineer

The board

To steer the development of Ably Medical, we believe in a blend of expertise within medtech, business development, finance and innovation. With the insight, network and strategic capabilities of our board members, we have all the direction we need to go all in.

Jørn Refsnæs

As Head of Design Jørn is in charge of the physical and aesthetic elements of the Ably Bed, coordinating efforts from consultants and in-house staff. He is also the company handyman, making most of the prototypes that define the functionality of the bed.

Having worked many years in both Germany and Norway with exhibitions, museums and installations, Jørn has a profound knowledge of User-Centered Design and how to create environments and objects that trigger both psychological and bodily awareness.

MA Industrial Design, University of Pforzheim
Jeweller, Goldschiedeschule Pforzheim

Competence Areas
Industrial Design, Concept Development, GUI, Ergonomics, Prototyping, Sketching

Arve Voldsund

Arve holds a M.Ph in Musicology from the University of Oslo, and is our Chief Technology Officer. With a professional background in music, programming and interaction technology, he maintains a broad interest in all kinds of technology that can help bridge the gap between humans and machines.

Before founding Ably Medical with Kjell Are and Jørn in 2015, Arve was busy co-founding tech companies like Kodebyraaet and Tikkio.com. He has developed exhibition design for Romsdalsmuseet and other museums. Also he has experience as a researcher and lab engineer.

MA Musicology
Embedded systems

Competence Areas
Human Computer Interaction, Technology, Sensors, Data Analysis, Software Development, Real Time Systems, Music Theory, Performing Arts

Ane Solesvik Oppedal

Ane is heading up the Canadian division of Ably Medical at our Toronto offices. Previously Ane worked for Norway´s largest healthcare cluster, Norway Health Tech, building international market access program for Norwegian health tech companies, with a focus on North America and Asia.

Her experience includes mentoring early stage health tech startups in R&D, access to public and private funding, development of competence and resource networks as well as building the Norwegian health ecosystem. Ane has a broad international background, having lived abroad throughout her childhood and adult life in the US, Denmark, Argentina and Spain.

BA International Corporate Communications, Aarhus School of Business
MA International Business (a joint degree), EAE Business School and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Competence Areas
Medtech/Health Technology, International Market Access, Startups, Business Administration, Marketing

Kjell Are Furnes

Kjell Are is CEO at Ably Medical. From early age he has been an entrepreneur, gaining experience from organising concerts and events throughout his studies. He traveled the world as manager for a Norwegian pop-band. Writing his Master in Psychology on the development of a negotiation simulator, he started his first own company, Simoveo.

He has trained hundreds of lawyers and negotiators in Norway, from skills he learned at Harvard. Kjell Are has co-founded and managed Kodebyraaet, Tikkio.com, Getpigeon.com, Nouveau, and now: Ably Medical.

M.ph Psychology, University in Oslo
MBA.seminars, Babson College, Boston
Negotiation training, Harvard Law School

Competence Areas
Negotiations, Entrepreneurship, Management, Strategy, Research, Psychology, Funding, Building Relations

Cato Alexander Bjørkli

Cato is Chief Scientific Officer at Ably Medical. He is an authorised clinical psychologist, a PhD in Work and Organisational Psychology from The Norwegian University of Technology and Science, and an associate professor at the University of Oslo.

Being an experienced researcher of human factors, organisational change and technology implementation Cato is responsible for documentation of the effects of the Ably Bed in hospitals and nursing homes. He takes part in design and functional specification, contributing to make the bed an innovative service to modern health care systems.

Ph.D. Work and Organisational Psychology, The Norwegian University of Technology and Science

Competence Areas
Risk Analysis, Complex Systems, Human Factors, User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Analytics, Research, Technology Implementation, Organisational Psychology

Zayna Khayat

At MaRS in Toronto, Zayna leads the Health System Innovation platform, helping smooth the path to adoption of health innovation by health and care systems in Canada and around the world. She is an adjunct faculty with the Rotman School of Management in the Health Sector Strategy stream. Dr. Khayat has been on the Faculty of Singularity University (Exponential Medicine) since 2016.

Zayna completed her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Toronto (2001), followed by a long career in strategy consulting, including as a Principal in the healthcare practice of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Toronto
B.Sc. (Honors) Biochemistry, University of Windsor

Competence Areas
Health Innovation Adoption, Systems Change, Health Technology, Health Startups, Business Model Innovation, Strategy, Human Centered Design

Irem Sozugecer

Irem is a strategy, finance and business development advisor with extensive entrepreneurial, venture capital/private equity investment and international business experience, in a broad range of industries. Formerly she has worked for Ackermans & van Haaren, SilkroadVentures and Gemini Consulting.

She is an angel investor/mentor/advisor to innovative startups in science and technology. Her focus is to turn disruptive businesses with sustainable, social and environmental impact into global success stories, particularly in education, healthcare, agriculture, renewables.

BS in Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurial Mgmt, The Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania

Competence Areas
Investments, Startups, Sustainability, International Business, Strategy, Innovation, Mentoring